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From: "SES Notices" <info@saskatoonengineers.com>
Subject: SES Notices Message
Date: Fri Nov 10 23:52:53 2023

Dear SES Members,

I hope this letter finds you all well. As we embark on another exciting year, I am thrilled to share with you the upcoming activities and initiatives we have planned to enhance Engineering in Saskatoon and its environs. Your support and engagement have been instrumental in our past successes, and we look forward to your continued involvement as we move forward.

The executive committee established two project committees: 1) Organizational Strategy
2) Fundraising committees

This will allow us to achieve two goals of reviewing our vision and goals and delivering value in a financially sustainable way. As we aim to reorganize the SES, we also will continue to provide value through the following committees: 1) Networking Committee
2) Leadership & Learning Committee
3) Communications & Volunteer Committee 4) Professional Development Funding Committee 5) Outreach Committee
6) By-law Review Committee

We are also pleased to offer updated information for the following events:

Your active engagement and participation are integral to the success of these activities. We invite you to get involved, share your ideas, and help us strengthen the SES community. - We are still looking for volunteers to join us and help those committees to executive work plan for this year.  
- You can share your achievements with us, and we will be happy to celebrate those achievements by sharing those with our members and on our website and LinkedIn page.  
- You can share your technical expertise and lessons learned with the rest of the members. We can arrange lunchtime technical sessions or professional development events. You can contact us with your topic and availability.   - You can be an SES mentor to help fellow members who need mentoring support.   - As a member-driven organization, your feedback and suggestions are highly valued. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or recommendations or want to get involved in any specific initiatives. - Financial Support for your Professional Development Trainings: 

Stay tuned for announcements, updates, and invitations to our events and activities throughout the year. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at president@saskatoonengineers.com.

Akinniyi Akinpelu, P.Eng. PMP, CAMP  President, Saskatoon Engineering Society  president@saskatoonengineers.com